PEOPLE LIKE YOU – Paris, FR/London, UK
Adrienne Dennehy: singer-songwriter
Manuel Moutier: composer and multi-instrumentalist

PEOPLE LIKE YOU is a pop duo who enjoyed success all around the French music scene from airwaves to MTV, summer festivals and French clubs in 2008 with their self-titled debut album produced by none less than Goh Hotoda (Madonna, Prince, Depeche Mode) and arranged by Philippe Saisse (Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Elton John).

About 10 years ago, Adrienne Dennehy and Manuel Moutier befriended each other upon discovering their mutual love for pop and started experimenting with some words and melodies, which gave birth to their first song “Worshipping the Sound” from their 2008 eponymous album.

While Manu listens to mostly 80s, synth music counting Depeche Mode and Erasure as his favourites, Adrienne prefers the classics: Stevie Wonder, Kylie and Madonna.
All their influences can be clearly heard in their own feel good Europop.
After taking a break to carry on with their parallel projects, Adrienne and Manuel spent most of 2010-2012 between Paris and London writing, recording and just building a massive catalogue which resulted in their brand new album, FOUND ME.

“Manuel is quite a whiz and keeps you guessing as to what’s next”- Bill Smith

While their debut was more electronic, filled with Manu’s dearest synthesizers and an 80s sound, their new 3-EP series brings a timeless blend of dancy tunes, a dash of rock-heavy guitars and organic power ballads.

Once more counting with the midas touch of Japan’s best sound engineer Goh Hotoda, the Found Me trilogy comes with 13 original songs plus the band’s tribute to their beloved Depeche Mode in their cover of “Shake the Disease”, recently picked up by BBC 6 Music DJs and producers. Also on the track list, many remixes by some of today’s trendiest DJs.

But a PLY album wouldn’t be complete without a splash of Philippe Saisse’s brilliance which is found as a bonus track alongside their first 2014 release: an Eleanor Rigby-esque strings-only version of the hit single “Have Some Pride”.

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